RoryTory 2600mah Pink Circle Design USB Power Bank With LED Lamp and Fan 3pc Bundle Set


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If you often go on a business trip or travel a lot, or are an avid Pokemon Go Trainer, check out our RoryTory Pink Retro Circles design USB power bank with LED lamp and mini fan 3pc bundle set. Finding power outlets can be frustrating when your abroad, so using this power bank that is small in size (3.5 in. x 1in. x 1 in. (LxWxH)) but packs a whopping 2600 mAh, can be a lifesaver. Included with the power bank is a 11 inch USB to Micro USB cable. Use the LED light with any electrical item that has a USB socket: laptops, desktop computers, gaming consoles, power banks, and more. Plug in the flexible position fans that have safe, foam fan blades to cool yourself down from all the hard work. *NOTE*: Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image. RoryTory is a registered trademark of Remi Collections LLC and is exclusively distributed by Bundle Monster. RoryTory trademark is protected by US Trademark Law.

  • HUNTING FOR POKE BALLS? Avoid low batteries alerts with this lightweight 2600mah power bank!
  • TRAVELING? Portable devices: Small, lightweight, and compact to carry with you wherever you go.
  • BREEZY! Cool down using the strong breeze of the USB mini fan while you work and study.
  • BRIGHT! Stay lit using the USB LED light so you can type at night without disturbing others around.
  • LOOK GOOD AT THE POKE GYM. Pink retro circle pattern: Unique design that don’t look techy and bland.
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